AkzoNobel China Student Sustainability Award


Founded in 2011 by AkzoNobel, the global leading company of paints and coatings and major producer of specialty chemicals, the AkzoNobel China Student Sustainability Award (referred to as “the Award”) is a pioneering honour in China targeted at university student societies. The award aims to recognize and reward university student associations that have made outstanding contributions to society around the subject of sustainability, promote the philosophy of sustainability among students, encourage active student participation in social responsibility projects, as well as raise public awareness of social responsibility and support public engagement in sustainability initiatives. With the guide and support of (Central Committee of the China Communist Youth League) CYL, AkzoNobel launched a dedicated webpage on its Award website to enhance university students’ practice level in 2014. Up to 2016, the Award received more than 1400 entries from 220 universities in 88 cities, and 35 million people have been inspired. Over the years, AkzoNobel always adhere to its global strategy of sustainable development and “Human Cities”, and devote itself to create everyday essentials to make people’s lives more loveable and inspiring.

2017 the Award continues to recognize outstanding education support programs from national universities, and more essential awards and other awards will be added to support excellent educational programs. Meanwhile, the Award will carry out “Let's Colour Walls of Connection” Special Program to support university students’ arts education practice and promote the development of local aesthetics education.

AkzoNobel China Student Sustainability Award is one of the first core programs of the China College Students Education Supporting Project.Find out more by visiting www.zhixingjihua.com.


Guiding Unit

School Department, Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China


Host Unit

AkzoNobel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.


Award Category  
2017 the Sixth AkzoNobel China Student Sustainability Award has 103 awards.


Number of Awarded Societies

Prize/Society (RMB)

Essential Award



Gold Award



Special Award



Silver Award



Bronze Award




Prize Money Delivery and Use  

Prize money of “AkzoNobel China Student Sustainability Award” will be deliveredby the Organizing Committee after the award ceremony or handed over to each association via the college/university’s youth league committee. The prize money will be used to support college student societies to conduct social responsibility activities.



1) Only supporting education aid and teaching assistance projects, or other education related projects are qualified for application.

2 )The subject projects should be executed and completed between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

3) Winning project could only be re-submitted on alternate year basis.

4) All applications should be submitted by university student societies and endorsed by University/College’s Youth League Committee.


Application Documents and Responsibilities of the Student Associations




June 30

Putting up posters around campus by the organization committee

1) Five + photos (JPG) highlighting students posting the posters.

Share the Award’s information via comprehensive channels, including Weibo and Wechat of the university association, campus BBS, Renren, campus radio. More than 20 association members should become the follower of the Award’s Weibo.

2) Promotion form(WORD)

Submit application documents

3) Color scanned version of the first part of the application form stamped by University/College’s Youth League Committee. (PDF)

4) The application form. (WORD)

5) Two university student questionnaires.(WORD)

6) Other material to show the project characteristics and achievements.

7) Selected project photos and videos. (CD)



1) Full and accurate practice report will help student association to compete for prize.

2) CDs should be delivered to the office of the Organizing Committee; and other digital documents should be sent to the Organizing Committee by E mail.

3) Photos submitted should have high resolution and the file size is no less than 1M. Videos submitted should have clear and stable shooting quality.

4) Submitted materials will not be returned. Disposal of these materials is at the discretion of the Organizing Committee. Please keep a back-up copy in case of need.

5) Submitted materials will be posted publicly on the official website of the AkzoNobel China Student Sustainability Award at the discretion of the Organising Committee. All information submitted should be true and correct.





May 30

Student societies of the 20 universities/colleges prepare application documents and submit to their University/College Youth Committees

June 10

Student societies of the Universities and College Union prepare application documents and submit to organization committee

June 30

Entry deadline for other universities/colleges associations


Assessment by judge panel


The finalists’ projects to be showcased on the official website


Awards Ceremony


Prize Money Delivery


Evaluation Criteria
The Organizing Committee and the judging panel adopt the consistent criteria for assessments


20 points

Clear theme and objective; meet the society’s demands; diversity and innovation; sustainability.

20 points

Well organized; reasonable resource allocation and execution management.

20 points

Wide coverage (the number of people involved in the project and its beneficiaries);society influence.

20 points

Various and efficient promotion channels with positive effects; active participation in on-line activities on Award Weibo.

Fund Management
20 points

Efficient and reasonable fund management with spending details.


Composition of Judging Panel

Communist Youth League of China
Social science center of Ministry of Education
Education experts
Host unit



Contact person:  Kathy Liu / Maggie Bai
Official website:www.chinastudentaward.com
Direct line:010-82193978

Organization committee: 010-82193920 (Extension19/20)
Organization committee email:chinastudentaward@126.com
Organization committee address: Room 614,China Electronics Information Building,No.6 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing



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